About Me


"Improvisation is the most direct form of communication"

Born in Darmstadt 1989, I started making my first musical discoveries at the piano at the age of five. I was always very passionate about music and the piano. But when I got to play in a jazz big band in school, I was forever hooked. What was a hobby became a serious persuit and I played my first paying gigs at the age of 15.

Since then, my hunger for learning and discovering new music never stopped. A year later, these efforts became rewarded as I was granted with several first prices in competitions, which f.e. led me to play on a jazz festival (first time) in Norway (SildaJazz) as a solo performer.

Since then I performed with bands and as a soloist, playing in different parts of the world and eventually moved to Berlin in 2010, where I graduated as a Bachelor of Music at the Jazz Institute Berlin.
True improvisation is a high stakes game. It is a state of mind. It’s a practice of awareness. If your thinking distorts the flow of the music, it’s easy to fail. In the most instense moments, imagination, feeling and execution almost become one. When it happens, you enter an altered state of conciousness. I believe this state of mind to be contagious to the listener. With a focus on musical spontaneity, my solo concerts lead through a variety of emotions and soundscapes. The result is a continuum of musical ideas contained in improvised pieces and variants of my original compositions.

I also have 12 years of experience teaching music, jazz, theory to people. There is a way to practice and learn music where you continuously make progress, have fun and stay motivated. If you want to learn more about my teachings, feel free to contact me.

Right now I am excited to soon share with you my first solo live album, so stay tuned!

— Felix Roßkopf