This CD is based on the idea that quarter-tone melodies can be accompanied by either a regular-tuned piano or a microtonal piano. While the tuning clashes with the regular piano, suprisingly homogenous sounds occur with the microtonal piano.“

All music composed by Philipp Gerschlauer

Philipp Gerschlauer – alto saxophone
Felix Roßkopf – piano, microtonal piano
Reza Askari – double bass
Thomas Sauerborn – drums

Recorded at LOFT, Cologne 10th & 11th of July, 2013
(except „Go!“ recorded live in concert at LOFT, Cologne 9th July 2013)

Recording: Christian Heck & Hannes Plattmeier
Mixing: Christian Heck
Mastering: Mike Fossenkemper at Turtletonestudio New York City
Artwork: Thomas Sauerborn

Produced by BESAXUNG

Released January 7, 2014

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